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These suggestions for your garden are intended for central Texas.  However, if you are not in central Texas these suggestions may still be helpful but may need to be done earlier or later in the season depending on your location.
Spring has now progressed to the point where the trees and shrubs have leafed out and are looking good and wouldn't you know it, here come the bugs. Aphids, grasshoppers, whiteflies, and caterpillars of all kinds can be problems. In the past products like Dursban, Diazion, and Sevin have been used to control these pests. These products are effective but may not last long and can be a hazard to you and the environment. Here are some different ways to fight these pests that can save you time, money, and the environment.
To fight grasshoppers you may try Nolo Bait. Traditional insecticides were mostly contact kill products you had to spray them with. Nolo Bait is a biological insecticide that infects and multiplies in the infected grasshoppers and then is passed from grasshopper to grasshopper. This product can remain active in killing grasshoppers for several years.  Nolo Bait only kills grasshoppers and some crickets.
Caterpillars can be very destructive in gardens, shrubs, and in trees. Dipel (a dust) and BT (a spray) are a biological insecticide that can safely kill caterpillars without killing birds, beneficial insects, harming us or the environment.
Compare having to spray for aphids every 7 to 14 days to releasing Ladybugs just once. The Ladybugs will attack aphids all season long so you do not have to.  They also feed on small worms and several types of insect eggs.
Beneficial Nematodes will stay active in the soil for about two years attacking cutworms, wireworms, sod webworms, mole crickets, maggots, white grubs, and many others. This is a great because it is very difficult to get the right chemical insecticide down at just the right time. Beneficial Nematodes take the guess work out of controlling many hard to control insects. Next time you have an insect problem, compare the benefits of using some of the natural products to the toxic ones and I think you find them to save you money by being more effective over a longer time.
Mark S. Ney  

Certified Texas Nursery Professional #4749

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